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How I Almost Invented the Zip-Line and Other Bad Decisions

“Let’s tie a rope from the top of this cliff down to that tree and slide down,” I said standing atop a thirty foot cliff. I was ten years-old and full of myself, being one of the older and cooler kids in our gang, and also having just been named the starting pitcher...

A Mother's Day Tribute: Love Like You

My mom passed away in 2003. I still miss her. She was a fierce, tiny woman, who loved to work and drank coffee all day long. She was a single mom before that garnered any sympathy, help, or understanding. She held the reins of our stampeding family with pioneer...

Counting on God: Living Spiritually as an Art

True epiphanies are rare. I’m not talking about instants of sudden inspiration or “aha moments.” Those are rare enough. I’m talking about those times that the dictionary describes as “a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being,” those scarce times when God...

Into the Mist: Going Deeper Spiritually

Some of my favorite times in the woods are when things are not quite clear. Clouds, like heaven reaching down, filter through the trees. Ghostly trunks stand out of the mist like distant soldiers on guard. Suddenly your senses are alive, alert.  You know there is...

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