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What if Everyday Was Earth Day? Or Heaven on Earth Day?

I live in Colorado. I’m not bragging. Just sayin’. 19th Century Denver entrepreneur Frederick Bonfils once crowed, “‘Tis a privilege to live in Colorado.” John Denver called Colorado home, writing lots of cool songs about the mountains. Not many other states can claim...

How to Find God

Living spiritually is about finding God, who is sometimes more elusive than we think. This may be because of what the anonymous 14th century monk called “the cloud of unknowing,” a realization that though we can know God in part, God is beyond our ability to grasp...

Blue Like Jazz: A Movie Review

By Eugene C. Scott I wouldn’t voluntarily see a “Christian movie.” It’s not that they are cheesy. That’s a cheap shot. I’ve seen my share of cheesy “non-Christian movies.” Rather, it’s that movies produced by the Christian faith community,...

Lent Is Over. Now What?

During the last 60,480 minutes I’ve missed a few things. That’s 1,008 hours for those of you not handy with math. Forty-two days. That’s how long I gave up TV and radio for Lent. Now several days after Easter, the day Lenten fast's finish, I’m wondering if I really...

Several weeks ago my son, Brendan, and I traveled back to his home away from home, Guatemala, to teach in his old school. These are some of the photographs he took while down there. They are perfect for today: Good Friday: The Day of the Cross.

Moby Dick and How I am Forgiving the Church

I set yesterday, Monday, aside for practicing forgiveness. Believe me, I need all the practice I can get. Regardless, my thought was that during Holy Week, like Jesus, I would forgive something Big. So, I rummaged around in my past and touched on a particularly putrid...

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