Is God a Tim Tebow Fan?

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By Eugene C. Scott

The Author Tebowing

It’s a miracle! On January 8, 2012 the underdog Denver Broncos upset the ostensibly better Pittsburgh Steelers in an American Football Conference wildcard playoff game. Those of you reading in South Africa, Britain, Antarctica, and Lizard Lick, North Carolina may be asking, “How is that a miracle?” And it’s a fair question.
You see with only a year before America might elect a new president, the entire nation is embroiled in a huge controversy over whether Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow is a very good passer and, even more, whether he should start every interview with, “First, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”
Those against Tim argue he is a terrible passer and is delusional to think God cares a whit about American football. Those for Tim counter with the fact that because he is winning, even though he is a terrible passer, proves that God is somehow involved. Hmm.
This last Sunday’s win did not help the debate, especially since Tebow passed for exactly 316 yards. His best day yet. And it turns out that Tebow’s favorite Bible verse is–you’ll never guess–John 3:16. Coincidence?
Then to top it all off–literally–a cloud in the form of a halo appeared above the football stadium after the game.
There is no doubt in many Tebowites’ minds that these are God sightings, signs that God cares about Tim Tebow and things as mundane as a Denver Broncos’ game.
As many said after the game, “It’s a miracle!”
If you’ve been reading this blog the last couple of weeks, you may remember we’re running an experiment. We’re spending 2012 trying to find out what it’s like to live every day spiritually: to look for the God-created soul in daily life. We’re looking for God sightings, little miracles, ways in which God becomes apparent in nature, people, music, work, movies, sermons, meals, the Bible, worship, prayer and other apparent mundanities.
But did God don a Broncos jersey after church and show up at the Broncos game? Are the 316 yards and the halo cloud God sightings? Miracles?
Stranger things have happened. Jesus had Peter pay his taxes from money Peter found in a fishes’ mouth. Jesus turned water into wine and later transformed a Roman torture device into a universal symbol of hope and new life. And almost every Sunday people gather–not in a stadium but in a worship community–to experience the sacrament of mere bread and wine mysteriously becoming the body and blood of Christ.
Closer to home Christ fashioned this fatherless boy into a father, this high school drop out into a teacher, this addict into a free man, this carpenter into a counselor, and this self-centered person into a servant. Stranger things indeed. History may not prove God engineered a Bronco win. But is sure shows God puts his mark on things big and little.
Was Tebow’s win a miracle? Maybe, maybe not. But people are talking about God outside of church and Google has had a run on searches for John 3:16. God seems very comfortable using what ever he can to get us to see beyond our own noses. And that in itself may be a miracle.
Personally I doubt God orchestrated Tebow’s big day but God does seem to be in the habit of breaking into our regular programming for a more urgent messages. Our task is to listen up.
Eugene C. Scott learned to love the Broncos from his late mother and has followed them since he was a kid. He actually shed a tear when John Elway was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is not convinced Tim Tebow is the Second Coming of John Elway.  Other than that, football means nothing to him. He’d much rather you join him in watching for God sightings and telling your stories here and on “Living Spiritually” at Eugene is co-pastor of The Neighborhood Church and may wear his Broncos jersey to worship next Sunday.

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  1. Personally, the most vexing thing about this whole situation is that both sides want to see every thing a validation for their belief. If Aaron Rodgers was an avowed Atheist who said that hard work and talent are the only things that matter, would his good season be evidence of the non existence of God? Would his loss to the Chiefs be taken as proof of God? Does God exist to the Broncos, but not to the kicker from Stanford, who was “tebowing” before he took his widely missed kick which lost them the game? Why does God care about football, and if we are winning by divine intervention, should we be disqualified for having an unfair advantage?

    1. Great point, Luke. Thanks for commenting and reading. The problem of pain (if there is a good God, why is there so much pain in the world?) is one most of us ask. It is not easily answered. That’s a hilarious thought that whatever team had God on its side would be disqualified because it had an unfair advantage. So true.
      But it also may be a truth spoken in jest. Though I believe in miracles big and little and I also believe God has and continues to intervene in our affairs, he always has a bigger purpose in mind (take the prosperity of Joseph when ancient Israel was captive in Egypt for example). God is not capricious.
      But it seems to me, as Laurel above said, God is a Tebow fanatic: and a Luke and Eugene and Rothlisberger and . . . .
      “Greater love has no one than this, than to give up his life for his friends.” That indeed defines a fanatic.

    1. Laurel:
      Agreed! The supposed big debate is over whether God cares about football while the important truth is Jesus cares about every player so much he endured the cross. That is what John 3:16 is all about. I was hoping that subtle point in the title would not be lost. It would take a Steeler fan to point it out, however.
      Can’t wait to meet you. Eugene

  2. Edward brown

    God is a Tebow fan and the devil is a Raider fan!

    1. Mr. Brown, I am glad you piped in. And that your blood still runs blue and orange even though you live in Africa! 🙂
      By the way, did you know Al Davis passed away recently? Sad even though he was a rival. But alas, he must have written in his will that they continue his practice of firing any coach who has been part of the team more than 10 minutes because they fired their current coach this morning. Have you been able to see any Bronco games?

  3. I’d wager to say that the question “Is God a Tim Tebow fan?” is far less important than the fact that, by divine Grace, Tim Tebow is a God fan!
    God knows the plans He has for Tim… Plans to prosper him and not to harm him. Plans to give him a future and a hope… The Lord is Almighty, all-Powerful and completely Wise. Clearly, He is at work in this young man’s life and is using it to bring Glory to Himself!
    It gives me great joy to see what God can do in and through a life. I love the fact that Tim Tebow is in such stark contrast to others in the public eye.

    1. Great turn of a phrase: Tebow is a God fan. That seems to be very true. I know too that I was playing with words in that God is fan fan of all of us, whether we are famous or not. Fun to interact and share faith with you here.

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