The Imago Dei

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Model Tag by Eugene C Scott

Where do I most often see God? In people. Their lives, their stories, the beautiful and the ugly.  The imago dei. God’s breathed image in each of us, even in its current tarnished state. Without this human element (our stories), art and poetry and music and theology and all we see in the world is detached reality too abstract to touch the heart. I struggle to define love and commitment and pain and joy.
From left to right: Michael, Bambi, and Cliff. By Eugene C. Scott

Then I see a tear on a face and I know the reality of pain; or in a toothy smile or raucous laugh, I recognize elusive joy. In two friends speaking close, I see love.
This is one reason God chose to Incarnate Himself in flesh, in Jesus. Because we can see and understand and know God better even seen through the sometimes dirty and distorted lens of our own human eyes.
Even the worst in us can reflect God. If only our deep need for God. Lust is love twisted, though almost beyond recognition. All the deadly sins are the dark side of something created to be beautiful.
I’ve struggled to define what it means to live spiritually. But it’s not a treasure chest, hidden and buried. Often the most spiritual and beautiful things are right before my eyes. You, or more precisely, the imago dei.
Eugene C. Scott did not give up people or trying to be nice to them for Lent. He’s noticed some others may have done so, however. You can join the Living Spiritually community by following that blog and clicking here and liking the page. He is also co-pastor of The Neighborhood Church.
Linc doing what he does best, reflecting the image of God

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