Do Not Disturb; I'm Creating, Thinking, Praying, Living

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Where and when do you do your most creative thinking, praying, living? For me it is when I am on a hike or out in the woods undisturbed. Andrew Wyeth locked himself in his studio and created some wonderful works of art.
I find that if I am drowning in noise, I only think the thoughts the noise is telling me to think: buy this, vote that, don’t eat that.
But in silence I think my own thoughts, and–I hope–some things about God too.
How about you?
P.S. Unlike Wyeth, I will sign autographs.

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  1. LisaAnn

    You must have been in the woods quite a bit lately, my friend! Congrats again on your huge accomplishment!
    I tend to do my best thinking while bathing or on the verge of falling asleep. Haha, not nearly as inspiring as your method!

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