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When I was in ninth grade, a friend and I climbed over the fence of a drive-in theater to watch a movie.  Not because we didn’t have enough money.  Because the drive-in was showing a movie we weren’t allowed to see. Allen Funt of the family friendly TV show “Candid Camera,” which caught people in awkward situations while being filmed secretly, had branched out into movies.
The movie was “What Do You Say to a Naked Lady.”  And it featured real naked ladies.
Thus our reason for wanting to see it.  Funt, however, unlike me, must have seen naked women before because, after the initial shot of the elevator door opening on a naked woman, his camera concentrated more on the faces of the victims.  Also, we were kicked out shortly after the movie started.  Life is so unfair!
I’ve still not seen the entire movie.
Anyway, Funt’s genius and driving desire seemed to be catching people in situations where they would say things unfiltered, authentic, honest.  Funny.
Recently, as I was preparing to preach on Acts 9:32-43, the story of Peter praying and bringing a woman named Tabitha back to life, I remembered Allen Funt and wondered why no one asked Tabitha what it was like to be dead, or if she wanted to be brought back to life (I know this is a scary glimpse into how my mind works, or doesn’t, as the case may be).
But these are serious questions after all.  Our greatest fear is death.  And the ultimate question is, “what comes after this life?”  We can only imagine, as the song says.
So, I did.  I imagined interviewing Tabitha.  Then I wrote a script and had Mike Davis and Deirdre Byerly perform it and film school student, Drew Byerly, direct and record it.  I showed it in worship.  Take a look at it and tell me what you think.
What would you say to a resurrected lady?

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