Death in the Family

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Dear friends
Last Thursday, October 18, on my 56th birthday, my brother-in-law passed away.  He had been ill for a long time and so it was a bitter release.  I had a blog half-written that is still incomplete.  Managing grief seemed to be the agenda of every day not writing.  Thank you for your understanding.  He was a creative, intelligent man and we will miss him.  A free spirit.
His death certainly was a reminder that living spiritually is not all about profound quotes, surreal sunsets, and happy thoughts.
Life and death walk with their fingers entwined like co-dependant lovers, sometimes angry and out of step with each other but never letting go.  Living spiritually is about facing death while dreaming about the life that is beyond this veil.   Pray for our family that the strength of God fills us for today and the hope of God encourages us for tomorrow and beyond.

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  1. Georgie-ann

    Amen, and special condolences to you and your families. Acknowledging how helpless we are and feel in the face of death (of a loved one especially) is part of living spiritually, and for most of us, it is something we’ll never get very used to doing,… because, maybe thankfully, we don’t usually face it that often. After our beloved mother passed a few years ago, others in my extended family were facing the similar inevitable situations with their aging and ailing and beloved parents. The image of holding hands came to me, but a little differently,… I told one of my sisters-in-law, that it’s normal (and tiring) to keep reaching out and doing everything possible to minister peace and love and healing and comfort and reassurance to our loved ones, but no matter how intensely we feel compelled to “be there” for them (which we will never regret!) and to hold on to them, the moment will come when they will simply slip through our fingers, no matter how tightly we have held and how attentive we have been. But this is also the point in which we will begin to feel the peace that comes when the wrestling and sufferings in this realm have ceased,… We can surely thank God for His gift to us of the “peace that passes understanding.”
    Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
    Wishing you this “Peace of God” at this time,… God Bless you all,… love, g

  2. I’m so sorry! Will be keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

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