People and Words Leaving their Mark

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Chloe Hawker wrote the stirring poem below about her mother’s, Lisa Hawker, influence on her.  The imagery is surprising and ties death to life in a way that gave me hope.  Living spiritually is about leaving a mark.  “Inheritance” gives a word picture of how that happens.  Eugene


My mother gave me her love of cemeteries
And words—those carved into stone monoliths
As well as those scrawled across the back of
Receipt paper and notepads stained with old
Coffee drippings. She gave me skinned knees

Two writers

From kneeling in front of gravestones taking
Rubbings of the names and strange symbols,
Of the stories clawing out of the stale, dead
Earth or bursting through the broken door of the
Old mausoleum. She gave me lips
Stained with letters and ears eager to
Eavesdrop on the melodic conversations of
Eccentric strangers. She showed me the mist that only
Gathers at 4:07 in the morning in late October
When the leaves crisscross the tops of graves
Yet to be dug. She taught me to hear the
Murmurs in the ground around coffee shops
And subway stations and dark clearings when the
Moon hits just right. We are words, stone, mist,
And eyes, with dirt on our knees and callouses
On our fingers from gripping the pen so
Tight we felt we might break right through
The thin veil that covers the
Graves and syllables, ghosts and symbols.
In my open palms lies my inheritance:
Death, shrouded dreams, and creation.

0 thoughts on “People and Words Leaving their Mark”

  1. Georgie-ann

    evidences of a greater reality that is ever transcending and permeating the now moment?,… and that speaks to us — (land-locked, time-locked) mortals that we be — in a way that precedes us and supersedes us, but also includes us?,… appearing to be shrouded in mystery, eternity whispers to us and draws us unto itself,… this eternity is a Mighty Person, with a quiet voice, Who has life and hope to give us,… Who loves us,… this eternity is God,… we are the children,… in stillness, we see in part, but know that we are loved,…
    1 Corinthians 13:12 “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.”

  2. John Moyer MD

    Poetry, an innate gifting, although I don’t know the author and how much mentoring she has received from a poet, other writers…but what imagery!

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