0 thoughts on “The Power of a New Day”

  1. Georgie-ann

    carpe diem?,… seize the day,…

    thank God for the energy & enjoy!

    & ask Him for the direction!

        1. Thanks. There is a flock of about 20 (the most I’ve ever seen together. They flit around like small pieces of the sky come down) on a hiking trail near our house and I am nearly obsessed with getting pictures of them.

          1. Georgie-ann

            I would be too!,… they’re really beautiful!

  2. Georgie-ann

    I believe that God enjoys us enjoying our days, especially when we are using our God-given strengths, abilities and faculties, in conjunction with maximizing the positive qualities of His Creation and/or minimizing the negatives,… and especially if we, ourselves, are being blessed and/or are happy/busy blessing others,… special time-outs for God are surely included,… and if we are experiencing suffering instead, He is there with us to encourage and strengthen, whether or not we’re quite aware of it,…

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