Fathers’ Day Remembered and Redeemed.

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Memorial Day 2013On June 17, 1968, we buried my father in Fort Logan National Cemetery. Fathers’ Day after that became only a painful reminder of loss and fatherlessness. But God, the Father, is a Redeemer even of loss so deep.Harold C Scott

In June of 1972 God invited me into his family by offering to be my Father who would not leave or forsake me. Then on March 1, 1982 God made me a father with the birth of Katie. Next came Brendan in February of 1984 and then Emmy in March of 1993. Each of them have shown me who God is as a Father by loving me as their father.

But God was not finished. He brought Addi and Linc along and I became a grandfather. Redemption indeed.

I still miss my dad today, forty-five years after his death. But because God can turn even ashes to beauty, Fathers’ Day is no longer a painful reminder of loss and fatherlessness but a day filled with meaning and love and hope.Redemption

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  1. Georgie-ann

    Awwww!,… Beautiful pic!,… & God Bless you all!!!!!!!!!!! (-:

  2. Thanks, Georgie-ann. I apologize for not responding to your comments on my mothers’ day poem. I’ve not been back here until this weekend. I’m not sure why but I have not been able to blog or get very interested again. Maybe I needed some time off. Hope you are well.

    1. Georgie-ann

      Sometimes it seems like things “shift” in the spirit, and in kind of a big way,… At those times, we often feel like we “don’t quite know what to say” or we’re not sure “what we’re all about” for awhile, but God may very well be preparing some new moves of the Spirit,… Just trusting Him, seems to work out very well,… & then, when we get our new “sea legs,” it all seems to make sense, and we find that we have been growing as well,…

      If I remember correctly, I kind of dumped (& probably way too much!) a “big issue” on your plate, b/c it was all of a sudden on my plate!,… but we can leave that for another day!,… not that it has resolved itself,… but such confrontations do bring up a lot of questions and topics, that usually we would simply prefer to ignore, and not be bothered by,… very understandable,…

      but — as always — God IS Good!,… & we survive,…

  3. What a beautiful family you have! I also find great comfort in turning to the Lord when mothers day comes. My mother passed when I was still quite young, 1995 and I was already living away from home. Her loss and the reminder of childhood memories I would rather not think about have always made it a challenging time of the year.

    In the experiences, however, comes great blessings when can provide support to others who have experienced similar and be a better parent to my own children, that I otherwise would have been.

    Great post, Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Lou

    1. Miss Lou: Thank you. I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my mother in 2003 and miss her so much. She was a great mom and friend. This year in worship (I’m a pastor) someone reminded me of the passage: “mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice.” For me, one those who experience these holidays as challenges, that was a warm reminder and I think my mom would appreciate it. Keep writing.

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