Lent: Blinded to God in Daily Life

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A list of 47 words for our photo-a-day during Lent
A list of 47 words for our photo-a-day during Lent

After Jesus performs a miracle by feeding over 4,000 people with what amounts to half a dozen Big Macs, the disciples are no closer to becoming believers. He says, “Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?” Mark 8:18

I can’t say if that describes you. But it certainly is my story. I simply fail to see all the grand and glorious grace of God in my daily life and world. Sometimes I’m distracted, sometimes angry, sometimes tired, sometimes busy, most times full of myself. I’m blinded to God in my daily life.

That is why I’ve enjoyed and been challenged by my church’s photo-a-day devotional (@the_neighborhood_church #lentgallery) on Instagram. Each day those of us participating have been challenged to take a picture somehow linked, literally or poetically, to that day’s Lenten word.

A collage of images of the word broken
A collage of images of the word broken

The project has opened my eyes! I find myself looking for God and his touch (not that I can get God to stand still long enough to pose for my camera). I am seeing life in new light. I am more aware, more thoughtful. I find myself believing that God is present and may even pull off some minor miracle to help my unbelief.

And for me that’s what Lent is about, not giving up chocolate, or TV, or radio. But rather engaging in a pursuit of the God who wants to be found. The God who loved us so desperately that he placed his Son on a cross for all to see.

It’s not to late to join us. Grab a camera, cell phone, or even simply watch what others are posting. And may God open the eyes of us all.

P.S. I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted on Living Spiritually. I hope not all of you have abandoned this blog. As you may know, I’ve been devoting all my writing time to my novel. I have finished it and now have moved into the stage of finding it a home for publication. I will keep you posted. Also I am going to post some of the #lentgallery photos here. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Georgie-ann

    Nice to hear from you again, Eugene,… and good news about the novel!,… here in the Northeast, it has been “all about Winter” with a capital W for what is seeming like an eternity,… and it has caused an enforced “fast” from life/business as usual, that does give one special pause to see things in a different light,…

    Coincidentally, I was just trying to describe some of this effect to an old friend, now living on the West Coast, in an e-mail, so I might as well include some of those observations here:


    … but here in the Northeast, Spring isn’t even pretending to be “right around the corner” yet, (even though it is!),…

    & What a Winter it has been!,… record cold, record snowfalls,…

    I almost got so acclimated to it, that I actually (almost) became sentimental about the Rochester winter weather memories from the “days of olde”,… especially that stage of incipient instinctive joy and relief, that comes when suddenly noticing/sensing (under a strikingly blue mid-day February sky) that the frigid and rigid cold-hold has finally begun the “letting go” process,… its obstinate unrelenting opposition now becoming weakened, undermined, as it must face the daily increase in penetrating effect of the intensifying light and warmth of the sun’s exquisite (and ever so welcome) rays,… slowly and surely the inevitable softening of the unyielding snow/ice pack begins!,… truly, a very dynamic moment!,…

    this re-discovery of a pleasant memory/experience/association just goes to show that we really don’t know as much about our “likes and dislikes” as we might think we do,… just when you think you’ve got it “all figured out”, things change,… I had pretty much signed off on ever being thrilled again by cold, snow and/or ice, except perhaps to rapturously view (from a very safe and warm and comfortable environment, and preferably through a glass windowpane) the glory of a landscape newly decorated and visually transformed, blanketed by pristine layers of freshly fallen snow, and maybe even fancily trimmed with the lacy delicateness of tiny icicles clinging everywhere to everything ~ the looming impermanence of these visions also being a significant part of their spectacular beauty and captivating charm,…

    Well, so much for Winter losing its grip & Spring subtly approaching,… it has gotten our attention this year!,… that’s for sure,…


    I looked for a word on your list that this might apply to, but didn’t really see one,… so I thought of “Change”,… the older I get, the more I just usually try to improve and develop the things along the path I am already working on,… nothing wrong with that really,… also letting things that have gone kind of “past their use by date” drop off (which is actually mysteriously much harder!),… but aiming for “change” that interrupts the “same old same old” status quo, does not particularly come naturally,… much like “Lent” would not naturally occur to us (when we’re operating on our “automatic pilot” settings), if it were not being suggested from outside the personal source of our inclinations,… and for 40 days!,… imagine!,… what a challenge!

    so, I guess these gentle nudges ~ wherever and however they come to us ~ are to be appreciated,…

    God is Good,… & always “way ahead of us!”,… in so many ways! (-:

    1. Georgie-ann: So good to “hear” your voice. And I’m also glad to hear that God is still stirring you and that you are such a keen observer of his world. Keep it up. I hope–by now–the awful weather there is clearing and spring is breaking through. The snow is almost gone from my yard and I’ve been out side a bit.

      Change in my mind often equals life. Stasis is death, though some immovable objects in life are needed. I hope Lent is a source of God’s grace for you.

      1. Georgie-ann

        Since I am getting older, (to the point that you really do begin to notice it fairly frequently!), I’m rather aware of (and thankful for) the on-going “habits” that keep things working productively,… also, the difficulty of “old dogs and new tricks” becoming personally a rather true thing,… So, maintaining sufficient functional momentum and altitude {to allow me to cruise around on automatic pilot throughout the daily grind, effectively enough to have accomplished a few extra things while also being ready for the next day} is the major goal,… “change” seems more and more to be introduced by factors coming from outside, rather than actively sought, and we just hope we can successfully adapt!,… Accommodating change gracefully becomes a triumph, while “new” experiences, navigated well, are never taken for granted! (-:

  2. Yay! You’re back and you finished your novel!! Looking forward to seeing your photo interpretations. 🙂

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