Finding God’s Grace in an Aspen Grove

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Above me aspens climb the sky

Knobbly fingers intertwine

Creating a lattice of quivering lace

Painting yellow hue on cobalt face

Cobalt Blue

Heart-shaped leaves collect the sun

Phosphorescence of the One

Throwing sparks of gentle light

Scattering dreams, kites in flight

Aspen Canopy
Phosphorescence Photo by Eugene C. Scott

Golden coins dance the swirling wind

Carefree, despite facing certain end

Laughing, landing done with toil

Surrendering to fertile soil

Leaves on the ground
Never Death Photo by Eugene C. Scott

Leafless trunks now sway together

Dark eyes watchful of foul weather

Raising branches in hope bare

Regenerating for another year

Bare Trees Photo by Eugene C. Scott

Round me boles slant pale and stark

Picturesque, powdered bark

Touching their smooth, tender skin

Gaining God’s grace once again

Surrounded by Friends
The author in an aspen grove Photo by Dee Dee Scott


6 thoughts on “Finding God’s Grace in an Aspen Grove”

  1. yAC2OL8S6HiXPIm/BQl4X4qQ+AJC4u/AuW7vkF30798=

    ooh! ~ that is lovely in SO many ways,… especially “giving God all the glory!”,… thank you!,…

    1. Hi, Georgie. Great to hear from you. I like your new number! 🙂 Thanks for being such a faithful reader and friend. How are things in NY?

      1. Georgie Ann Kettig

        well, even though we’re getting ready for the fall leaf display, which is usually pretty amazing/awesome, what you’ve shown here is quite exquisite by comparison,… I think NY is an amazing place overall, with incredible variations from one location to another,… I’m thankful for the friends I have and the town I live in, which is where I spend most of my time,… my family members have branched out, but the internet is a pretty convenient way to not “lose touch”,… so, I guess you & yours are part of the family, too!,… (-:

        (I’m going to “take authority over that number”, and make it disappear!)

  2. yAC2OL8S6HiXPIm/BQl4X4qQ+AJC4u/AuW7vkF30798=

    Hi ~ it’s Georgie,… not sure where the number came from,… (-:

  3. How beautiful! Aspen trees and Willows were my favorite trees as a child. ❤️

    I love your writing! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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