20 (unusual) Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection

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Signs that an apocalypse is upon us are readily available. Tune in too any news service! 

[box] But what about its opposite? What about signs of life? What about signs the resurrection is upon us? That we are indeed living after Jesus conquered death! For proof of that you often have to wander into a theological library and dig out a musty tome such as “Resurrection: Theological and Scientific Assessments.”[/box]

Since theological libraries are difficult to find (and are currently closed), and you may not care to read such things anyway, for your convenience, edification, and entertainment I’ve composed my own list of ordinary (but unusual) signs that the resurrection is upon us.

1. One man who had no Facebook page, Twitter feed, or social media platform AT ALL has not one but TWO major holidays to commemorate him. And a bunch of other stuff too.

2. Coffee. I don’t know what coffee has to do with resurrection but it should.

3. Despite massive foolishness and high risk activities, I’m still alive and I became a pastor.

4. Some of the world’s best authors wrote some of the world’s best novels:

[box] * Leif Enger * Madelein L’Engle * C. S. Lewis * Katherine Patterson * J. R. R. Tolkien * Leo Tolstoy * Anonymous (Has Anonymous ever won the Pulitzer?)[/box]

5. An entire movie genre was invented:

[box] * Godspell * The Chosen * The Passion of the Christ * The Jesus Film * Monty Python’s The Life of Brian * Jesus Christ Super star * The Greatest Story Ever Told * Martin Scorsese (Yes, he is a genre unto himself!)[/box]

6. Forgiveness happens continually (usually when I—and you—don’t deserve it).

7. Sunrises: They occur over and over even when it’s cloudy and snowing (as it is this Easter day in Colorado) and we never tire of them.

8. Some really amazing music was written:

[box] * Handel’s Messiah * John Newton’s Amazing Grace * Phil Keaggy’s “Your Love Broke Through” * The Easter Song * Other[/box]

9. People keep conceiving, delivering, and raising children, and not just for the preservation of the species.

10. The Berlin Wall fell largely because a few Christians lit candles and refused to stop worshiping Jesus.

11. The church in sickness and health perseveres.

12. We invented a story about Easter bunnies laying eggs so those who find it too hard to believe the God who created life could bring someone back to life would have something to believe.

13. A rugged cross was transformed from a torture device to symbol of hope.

14. Pretzels: They supposedly represent the cross.

15. Christianity, for richer or poorer, became a principal world religion.

16. In a world always experiencing at least one war somewhere, peace constantly breaks out.

16. The Apostle Paul would have remained an obscure Jewish Pharisee.

17. Kanye West released a Jesus album: “Jesus Is King.” 

18. Faith, Hope, and Love exist at all.

19. The name Jesus even is a thing much less resides in the top 100 most popular.

20. Easter!

He is risen!

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  1. Very sobering times now and ahead of us. Very good message to give hope and ways to look for God today

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