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A Prayer for Help to Guide Me through the Day

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Rocky Mountain Sunrise

At sunrise, Lord, Grasp our hands

And set our feet

At a Godspeed pace

On the path of love and justice.

Fill our eyes with radiant grace

For every of your children

We chance to meet.

Into our work stir

Your redemptive resolve,

Your endless love.

Smooth the edges of our words

That they comfort not cut.

Open the shut doors

To our hearts and houses.

Make of us friends.

Let each tick of the clock

Resound with meaning.

Oh God, at sunset fold us In your arms

Keep us from harm.

Place a pillow of hope

Beneath our heads

That we will dream

Your kingdom come

Your will in our lives

Be done.

Rest our weary minds

In your tireless presence.

Fill the dark with dancing truth.

That we may wake ready again

To take your hand

And walk your path.


Hand in Hand

God, You protect me with salvation-armor;
    you hold me up with a firm hand,
    caress me with your gentle ways.
You cleared the ground under me
    so my footing was firm. Psalm 18:32-42 The Msg.

8 thoughts on “A Prayer for Help to Guide Me through the Day”

  1. Ann Benson

    Thank you for your prayer that reached longings deep into my heart and gave me hope again. God’s blessings.

  2. Sandy Seckel

    Sunrise, Sunset…a favorite song …. and now your beautiful poems also frame my days!

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