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Transforming Presents into Presence: A Christmas Psalm

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Merry Christmas!

If you’re like me, the pace and expectations of Christmas can be discouraging. I want so for it to be holy, sacred, soul-settling. Instead it’s often tedious, commercial, and soul-killing. I fight back against the tide of trivial getting and giving. But I’m weak. You? That’s when God reminds me his strength thunders in my weakness and I turn to pray. In hope of transforming Christmas into a season–or day at least–surrounded by, not just the spirit of Christmas as all the movies declare, but the very Spirit of God I’ve written this psalm to pray over the holiday. May God fill you with grace!

We love you, Lord.

We call on you, our true source of joy and strength,

Our provider and almighty God.

Other voices vie for our attention,

Christmas sights and sounds bewitch us.

Forgive our distraction.

In this still moment speak,

We turn our eyes and ears to you.

[Pause for a moment of silent, listening prayer]

The gift of grace

God of all good gifts,

Lord of glorious lights,

Open yourself to those who don’t know

You are the Christmas God,

A Father who gives.

Light not just our Candles 

But our lives and our world

With peace, joy, hope, and love.

Make Jesus shine from our hearts.

Provide for those who 

Do not have enough

Who have no hope,

Who live in doorways, corners, and empty spaces.

He cares for the birds and us too

[Pause for a moment of silent prayer for those in need]

Lord of all,

Change those of us who have homes and hope

Into people with open hands and hearts,

Givers, like you, of gifts and love.

Grant us each the faith

We require to receive

All you hold for us.

All are welcome

[Pause for a moment of silent prayer of thankfulness]

God of love, 

Fill us with trust to give

Not only gifts wrapped with bows,

Toys, treasures, trinkets of the heart,

But our offerings of presence, touch, words, 

A kind look in the eye.

And stretch us to be vessels of your

Justice, compassion, creativity, and vision

That we may participate with you

In transforming our hurting world

Into a kingdom that reflects you!

A simple Advent Wreath

In the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,


12 thoughts on “Transforming Presents into Presence: A Christmas Psalm”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    yes! ~ “In the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen”

  2. David Grange

    Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
    May we all think of others before ourselves and listen for Gods will on what to do and how to move forward.
    Love your muses and website Eugene.

  3. I am spending blessed holydays with family. Thankful for enough and extra to share. Thankful my granddaughter who has Covid after 2 rounds of vaccinations but is exhibiting mild symptoms. Praying everyone else remains negative especially Emma (granddaughter) who has been invited to participate in the national USA 18 Winter rugby camp. Praying for friends grieving loss in this time of rejoicing. Praising God!

    1. Claire: I hope and pray it was a wonderful. It sounds as if beauty and difficulty are both present in your celebration and life. I pray for God’s protection and constant care.

  4. Sandy Seckel

    Thank you, Eugene. I really enjoy your thoughts
    & beautiful photography. It’s interesting &
    fun to know you in this effective new ministry.

    1. You’re welcome, Sandy. I am honored my writing speaks to you. I’ve kept you in my prayers and hope God is holding you in his firm loving grip.

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