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How to Pray in the New Year: A With-God Psalm

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Mail box in Fulford, CO

I hope this prayer gives you words to voice your disappointment and joy experienced in the past year and words of hope and truth for the coming year. Happy new year, Eugene

Oh Great I Am,

Timeless God of Time:

Last year’s empty box


Slowly or quickly, 

But inevitably.

How to celebrate the new year


Joy unexpected

Oftimes undetected,

Light refracted

 From Your watchful eye.


People whose laughter and tears, 

Whose voices and fears

Left a gorgeous stain,

Though some no longer remain. 

Hope in death


Soul-wearying disease and disaster,

A dance of pain,

Grief and heartache

Only You can rename.


Fears realized, repeated,  

Reappearing undefeated.

Worried ghosts cloaked in sorrow

Haunting yesterday and tomorrow.

A road in to the future


Godsightings gleaned or unseen, 

Strands of grace

Sprouting from seed.

Rejected or embraced.

New green growth


Love reckless and true,

Star-streaks in wild blue,

Or dark night

Emanating from You.


Track of hope

Hope that tomorrow 

Would quench

The fires and vanquish 

The dragons of today.

God Who Will Be:

Now another new and open box

Yawns before us.

Begin to fill it.

God's refreshment


Your Spirit overflowing

As cool water

Overwhelms dry places,

As a breeze touches our faces.


Grace undeserved 

But well-served

Like a fine meal savored

And satisfying.


People unique, imperfect,

Scented with sweat and love

Imaged by You.


Busking in Seattle

Music whose rhythm 

Trips and frolics

To heaven’s tempo. 


Words soaring and poetic,

Hummingbird persistent,

Brimming with truth.



Golden redemption

Of past and looming gloom.

Rock-hearts broken open 

Receptive to You.


The miraculously mundane

That everyday exceptions

Stand in the way

Of our great expectations.



Images of Your Kingdom

Leaving scant space

For hate and blame,

Hopelessness and shame.

God of Now:

Fill us



Poured into open palms,

Received by thundering hearts.

God of Forever:

Fill us



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3 thoughts on “How to Pray in the New Year: A With-God Psalm”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    very good thoughts and photos!,…

    I’d just like to add to the “Rock-hearts broken open, Receptive to You” line ~ (but it wouldn’t be poetic) ~ the concept of “Rock-minds” being broken open, as well,…

    and, as usual, thank you very much for listening,… (-:

      1. Georgie Ann Kettig

        my pleasure ~ one of my very favorite Christmas sayings was placed in the mouth of Tiny Tim Cratchit, by author Charles Dickens, “God Bless us, Everyone!”,… (-:

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