Starry Night in Fulford, Colorado

A Sunday Psalm: God’s Mercies Are not Morning Bound

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God set light in the heavens to mark a boundary against the dark. God set praise in our hearts to mark a boundary against despair. For this Sunday Psalm I’ve combined light and praise to help us mark a boundary against both the dark and despair that may hover in our daily lives. Praise of God works alchemy in times of hardship, transforming them into gifts of gold. Almost every night the stars shine our the glory of God. I wrote this psalm as a guide to honestly praise God for showing up even in the night.

The Mining Town Fulford, CO

Adonai, God most High:

Some nights

The star-scattered skies

Remind me of You.

Light like sparks in a watchful parent’s eyes,

Winking with laughter at my surprise

In rediscovering grace in a second chance,

To be re-invited into Your sacred dance.

Finger Nail Moon

Some nights

At the star-scattered skies

I return the wink

To rid my heart of disbelief

Express childlike relief

That your mercies are not morning bound

But even in dark of night abound.

Frozen Stars

Some nights

In the star-scattered skies

I see You beyond the stars

Their vastness swept in your outspread arms,

Their beauty mere children’s art,

Their age scant and momentary,

Their great distance illusory.

God's Con Trail

Some nights

Your star-scattered skies,

As far as eye can see

Reveal a storm

Of shooting stars, 

Arrows mercy-tipped,

Aimed straight for me.

Some nights, 

God most High,

I see You.


This psalm was inspired by Psalm 8 and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Vincent Van Gogh

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5 thoughts on “A Sunday Psalm: God’s Mercies Are not Morning Bound”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    beautiful,… I’ve always found the night sky to be very inspiring,… it is still one of my favorite places to go to find “peace” (in a clamorous world),… (-:

  2. John & Ann Benson

    He promised us that he would be with us always and so we we give thanks for your heartfelt message.
    May the Lord bless you because you are among his beloved!

  3. Sue Emrick

    I am really enjoying your writings and
    Your poetry. You make the Lord seem so near and reachable.
    Thank you,
    Sue Emrick

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