Spring Snow on Tulips

Sunday Psalm: Asking for Grace in an Unexpected Wait

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At my home nestled near the mountains on the southwest edge of Denver, we’ve had nearly four feet of snow since the first of the year. Our yard has not been clear for months. Though it has been much needed moisture to break our devastating drought, we’ve grown weary of the weekly storms. Then several days of brilliant blue skies and coatless warm days arrived. I sighed and hoped and let the sun warm my heart. Then another snow came, wet, heavy, and cold. It reminded me of how often this is the emotional pattern of life. Warm hope dashed with cold. Unexpected weight following a light dawn. Today’s Sunday Psalm speaks to that reality and I pray it lifts the weight by God’s grace.


Dawn path

God of seasons:

It is not always darkest before the dawn.

Flowering sunrise shines light on the troubles of the day.

Dawn shadows follow dark along the path

That newborn promise and grizzled distress walk side-by-side.

Pines weighted down

The heaviest spring snows smother after winter breaks.

Trees bowed down from unexpected weight.

Rays of the new season shrouded by retuning clouds, 

Hearts heavied from warm hope’s blossom nipped.

Spring Snow on Pines


No Atlases are we; stooped but muscles rippling.

Rather our shoulders droop under burden reborn.

Rebirth instead our strength by your gentle breath.

Tulips Standing Strong

Feed us on your body and blood.

Fill our minds with your unchanging word.

Shore us up with the arms of friends.

Give us time for sacred rest.

Hear our prayers and speak in return

That each dawn and season no matter how light or dark

Holds your truth.

Lift our unexpected wait.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Asking for Grace in an Unexpected Wait”

  1. Sandy Seckel

    These photographs are exceptionally effective and beautiful, Eugene! I have shared your ministry with our associate pastor, Paul Means. He too is into photography and looks to doing something similar to what you are doing in his future.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I love combining images with written imagination. I hope he has fun exploring and following God in this ministry. It has been a prayer project to write a psalm or poem every week. I hope they continue to encourage.

  2. Georgie Ann Kettig

    every once in awhile, the real-live snow-frosted landscape is actually undeniably pleasant, refreshing and inspiring to view and contemplate and be part of!,… and photos of such “wonderlands” (as you often have captured) are usually gorgeous!,…

    but “the older I get”, the prospect of facing each winter “weighs heavier and heavier” each year,… I think the darkness and the ongoing cold is the worst part of it, and maybe the unrelenting wind(s),… what happens to us when our outer conditions seem to be depriving us of our basic needs?,…

    does the focus go more inward?,… does a warm bowl of soup, together with several cuddly blankets, provide an unusually heart-warming experience, while we knowingly and intentionally cling to survival?,… often taking “a very long winter’s nap” helps, too!,…

    one of my favorite recurring winter “moments” is when the punishing, frigid polar air has finally finished its descent, and the violent wind can stop its efforts to abuse and pull my soul away,… the relief is palpable ~ just being “quiet and still” reunites the heart and the awareness with God (He’s still there,… as Elijah confirmed, “He wasn’t in the wind”),… and ultimately, we are relieved with gratitude for Him and our Life,… perhaps the “yearly challenge of feeling somehow abandoned/stranded” is actually “a beautiful thing”,…

    and, of course, there is absolutely nothing like experiencing “the beautiful Spring” that follows “a gigantic Winter,”… I guess we would have to admit that God is definitely “a King of Dramatic Presentation” ~ and of “keeping things interesting”!,… (-:

    1. Yes, the many winters I’ve wintered have worn on me. I love a clean snow shoveled walk. I delight less in the shoveling now-a-days. Interesting point about Elijha, that God is not always “in” the wind or in nature in that palpable way we want. Stay warm. Hot coffee is a salve!

      1. Georgie Ann Kettig

        perhaps the forced interruption in “my” ability to continue doing “my” plans, in “my” way, is actually a “good thing” ~ a kind of “surrender” to “something bigger than me” (that I usually wouldn’t want to make!),… the habitual “I” gets interrupted/erased for awhile,… and I do tend to “hibernate” somewhat, while still hoping (at my age) that spring will continue to be able to “bring an effective revival” to my slumbered faculties,… so far, so good, (more or less), although I can feel like I never really know what to “expect”, anymore,… except that “God is good” and will certainly help me, if possible,…

  3. patricia kings

    its warm here in england 17 18 degrees, just getting over a virus, its leaves you no energy, buthopefully feel better soon. your pics are good

    1. Thank you. I hope you do feel better soon. Our temp today is around 16 celsius. Mild but icy wind. Spring, please come! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. at kings

    just had a stroke 4 weeks agom feel low,all pills being pumped into mean i dont like chemicals , must be another way, feel i am at a low ebb p kings

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. It must be frustrating and scary. I am praying that the medication is helpful and that God continues healing you.

  5. pat kings

    thanks,the tablets are causing me sideefects,i believe in natural products, but hopefully i can cut down on them soons0

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