Stained Glass

Sunday Psalm: God’s Word Is Life giving Art

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John 15: The Vine

My God,

Woo me with the Gospel,

Art from your timeless Tome,

Priceless life refilling my empty shell.

Breathless for what’s to come.

Ferris Wheel at night in Seattle


Your Word is

A portrait of You

Colors, shades, expressions true.

A poem littering love letters across my soul,

A glimmering light in stained-glass window 

Radiant in darkest, dangerous places.

Stained Glass in Church in Wyoming

A story calling me home through desert places.

A familiar yet newly sung song,

Dancing, fluting, strumming, compelling,

Please hum along.

Busking in Seattle

A diamond multifaceted and formed

In the depths of your faultless mind.

It glistens, cuts, and shines,

And etches my true name in time.

Sun Flare in Hawaii

God of grace,

Paint in me portraits of truth.

Rhyme my dreams with those of you.

Tune my voice to your silvery note,

Versed in lyrics you through history wrote.

Shape my heart by diamond cut,

Your brilliant face in every facet.

Clouds over the Rockies

Call me home through dark of night.

Welcomed back to your delight.

Create in me uncrowded room to perceive

To love, to follow, and receive

Your redemptive Word.   

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