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Sunday Psalm: Seeing God in the Ordinary

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Beach retreat

O God who sees me,

Life is full of unexpected and undetected gifts:

My dog’s cold nose on my warm palm,

A nameless child’s toothy smile,

Life is fun

The floor smooth wood under bare feet,

A courageous word spoken on a gray day,

The sound of a leaf rustling when I turn the page,

A thousand other unnoticed, 

Daily shimmering grains of sand

God's hand in our lives

Sifting from your hand

Falling into place

To build the castle of my life.  

Thank you, Lord, 

For this life overflowing with your provision,

Flooded with your mercy; held together by your grace.

In my very conception 

You wrapped me in my mother’s womb.

In birth you filled my lungs with breath.

Bird feeder: Consider the birds

In life not a minute have you been absent from me.

Open my eyes to glimpse your hand in the ordinary.

That I may know you

Guard me in my rest,

Destin, FL

Laugh with me in my play,

Labor with me in my work,

Talk with me along the way,

Speak to me in the quiet,

Forgive me when I fail,

Broken mask we all wear

Renew me in worship,

And embody every minute

No matter how minute.

Red Bud

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Seeing God in the Ordinary”

  1. Donna Kolacny

    This really speaks to me – I actually have a bookmark that says Find Beauty in the Ordinary

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