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Sunday Psalm: Easter Praise

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Lord of Life:

Let our praise resound like thunder on the heights,

Cascade as water wild in flight,

Sing as truest notes of symphony.

You obliterated death.

You set us free.

The chain that binds

Before you and since,

Myriad of saviors have risen and fallen.

Their names cotton candy on our tongues.

Their promises broken pottery shards.

Their tombs empty and forgotten,

Time has melted their bones to dust,

Their words to rust.

Pink Rose

But you, Alpha and Omega,

On the cross you fell then rose,

Weighted with the world,

Lifted by love.

Your name remains sweet but potent on innumerable lips.

Your promises breathe like billows in our souls.

Your tomb stands empty because you are God of the living not the dead.

The wind of the Spirt spreads your forever life from generation to generation,

From lip to lip, heart to heart, father to daughter, mother to son,

Friend to enemy, poor to rich, never forgotten.

Stained Glass in Church in Wyoming

Resurrected One,

Let our lives this day

Sing, shout, shine, 

Whisper, stutter, cry

Repeat, remember, reply,

Your victory.  

Piney Lake

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Easter Praise”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    Dear Lord Jesus,… we are so blessed by all that you are, and all that you have provided for us,… we thank you from the depths of our hearts!,… help us to continue in the ways that you will be leading us,… we love you,… Amen,… Georgie

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