God as wide sky. Cry for Sabbath

Sunday Psalm: A Cry for Sabbath Rest

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God of creation

Lord of Creation,

You are wide as the sky,

And as true.

You are as faithful as breath,

And as life giving.

You are wild as wapiti,

And as majestic.

You are tender as a mother,

And as fierce.

You are as enticing as wilderness,

And as unchartable.

You are constant as ocean waves,

And as irresistible.

God of Sabbath

God of all:

You are wise as the kingfisher,

And yet available.

You are as righteous as an ancient oak, 

And yet merciful.

You are as real as my grief,

And yet sing words of hope.

You stretch as far as the stars,

And yet stay as close as my own heart.

God of mystery:

Today I run to you, my wide and true, faithful and life giving, wild, irresistible God.

My questions and doubts stand about me dense and forest-like.

My hope grows slow like a desert cactus.

My laughter waits for the spring rain.

My joy loiters not yet in bloom.

Guide me into the wilderness of belief.

Chart my path to your high mountain meadow

Sprinkled with rugged wildflowers of Sabbath rest. 

Sunday Psalm

2 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: A Cry for Sabbath Rest”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    “The Heaven’s are telling the Glory of God!”,… be it in the stretching magnificence of the cosmos, or in a simple grain of sand,… it’s a truly beautiful story,…

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