God provides delicious meals

Sunday Psalm: Of Provision and Giving

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God’s provision is plentiful and constant. And ubiquitous. So much so we fail to see it and appreciate it. Yet God never tires of being the source of our provision. God’s only expectation in this open handed, open hearted providing? That we give in turn. Today’s Sunday Psalm of Provision and Giving is a prayer of thankfulness and a prayer to become givers as well. Pray it with me.

God of shelter:

Fill our homes with friends and family, and even a stranger in need.

May everyone who walks through our doors receive the comfort of open hearts.

As they enter, bring solace from sincere smiles and security in silence. 

Let the sounds of laughter, conversation, and wit resound within each room.

God provides beautiful shelter

Lord of provision:

 May all know the peace and love of Jesus as they sit at our tables.

Let the bread and wine, drink and nourishment taste of your grace.

Fill our meal-bound words with hope, faith, and love. Above all love.

As we clean the table, have us leave scraps of thankfulness for the next guests.

Light of all:

In storm or dark let your light shine from our windows.

In discouragement cover us us in your mercy.

Set a boundary against the Enemy.

May your Spirit dwell with us and leave no room for bitterness, fearfulness, and hate.

God's provision with us on a mountain trail

God with us:

As we go about our day, may the grass grow greenest where our feet follow yours.

May we take what we have received from you at home and spread it abroad.

May our full hearts pour out to those in empty places.

May we never horde but always give leaving more room for your downpour of blessings.

The wine of daily communion


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7 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Of Provision and Giving”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    beautiful! ~ Amen!

    (computer’s not been operating smoothly,… it’s a bit better today),… God Bless! (-:

  2. Georgie Ann Kettig


    just back from a BIG “post-covid” Family Wedding experience!,… it was great & close enough by that I could drive to it, whereas many had to fly in,… & it was a True Blessing!,… everyone was thrilled to really “feel the joy”, once again,… and under the influence of all those “truly good vibes”, your “Sunday Psalm: Of Provision and Giving” resonates even more strongly!,…

    I would think that this kind of “Joy” could become a Wonderful Influence on us all, once again, and could also help us to dissolve some of these deeply planted “racist attitudes and arguments” that have been trying to “take root” all over again in our society,… Lord, let this be so! ~ set us free from “bondage”, all over again!,… and show us how to help!,…

    (I tried to “just smile” again, but got the message that “I had already said that”,… so I had to tell a little bit more ~ lol!),… (-:

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