The Refuge of Blarney Castle

Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Refuge when Calamity and Death Walk Our Streets

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Be our refuge,

A bulwark against enemies and fear.

Hold us in your mighty arms.

Re-inspire us with you holy breath.

Re-encourage us with your pure love.

God's Heart Hangs above Us

Remind us who we are:

Redeemed, beloved, treasured

Children of promise and purpose.

Friends of Jesus Christ himself.  

Standing on cliffs

God Almighty:

Our world bristles with danger.

Calamity and death walk quiet streets.

The safe places are laid bare.

We have sought protection from kings

And their jesters.

Pundits, politicians, priests, and pastors,

Laws, appeals, posts, marches, and petitions 

Offer no shield from the dangers from our own hands.

The strong flee, the wise flail, the people freeze. 

God's Refuge

Yet our bodies remain in peril,

Our souls wilt,

Our minds misfire,

Our questions unanswered.  

God with us

But you, oh God,

Walked with Abraham, Moses, and David

Through war, doubt, and death.

You sheltered Hagar, Naomi, and Ruth

In the power of your embrace.

And nameless (to us not to you)

Are the scores of women and men

Through raging history,

Whose hands and hearts you have held,

Whose Banner and Savior

You have been.

Gates of Protection

Be Thou for us just now.

Forgive our wandering trust.

Gather us inside your gates,

A called people singing your name:

El Shaddai, Abba, Alpha & Omega,

El Roi, Yahweh Jireh,

Yahweh Shalom, Yahweh Rapha,

Yahweh Shammah, Immanuel,

Hear our song, capture our tears,

Bind up our cities, families, and hearts.



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Names of God:

El Shaddai: God Almighty, Abba: Daddy, Alpha & Omega: Beginning and End,

El Roi: God Who Sees, Yahweh Jireh: God Who Provides,

Yahweh Shalom: God of Peace, Yahweh Rapha: God Who Heals

Yahweh Shammah: God Who Is There, Immanuel: God with Us.

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  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    Amen,… hide us in your Holiness, Lord,… thank you,…

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