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Sunday Psalm: For Fathers, the Fatherless, and Father’s Day

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Life's a beach

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:  

Thank you for filling the world with glimpses of your goodness and grace. Your creation shouts your name. Even fatherhood reflects your glory. In your word you tell us to rejoice with those who rejoice. Today we rejoice in your gift of fathers. We are grateful that they have taught us everything from silly jokes to how to worship you, our heavenly Father. 

They have fed us and tickled us and disciplined us and shown us everything from how to color in and out of the lines to how to write a poem to how to tie our shoes to how to change a tire—and even how to pray. Thank you, God, that in your unfathomable wisdom you have used mere humans—birth fathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, spiritual fathers, and even imperfect fathers—to reflect what you are as a Father. 

A good father

God, for each father—and father to be

Renew in us the sacred calling of fatherhood. Forgive us where we have failed. Give us grace to better reflect you in our daily lives. Empower us to be more like you, to step in the gap of fatherlessness in our communities. 

Lost fathers

Holy Spirit,

We mourn with those who mourn on this day. Comfort and encourage those whose fathers did not reflect even the barest of your image, those who have lost their fathers, never knew them, have lost children, or cannot be fathers themselves. Take them in your arms in a way only you, their heavenly Father can. Whisper your love in their ears. Give them the grace to forgive, the ability to hope, and the will to patiently wait for your redemption of the pain of fatherlessness. 

Exit from life

We confess we sometimes have not listened to our fathers when they have spoken truth. Forgive us also for the times we’ve misused and misunderstood this great gift. 

Hold your father tight


Give us all a vision for what it means to be in sacred relationships the way you are as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen 

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: For Fathers, the Fatherless, and Father’s Day”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    Thank you, Eugene,… that was a beautiful “Father’s Day meditation”,… I read all the articles,… I’ve also noticed a few general emails in my inbox today, that are urging our culture to find ways to “cure” the trend(s) toward “fatherlessness” in our society, and the damage and problems it creates,… perhaps this “sad awareness” is a good thing ~ searching for an answer,… maybe we can pray that “the proverbial pendulum will begin to swing the other way”,…

    too much focus on outer “self-serving importance”, entertainments and distractions, leaves a void where our (wiser) “inner life” should be growing,… I always think that “respect” is a crucial quality belonging to the realm of “men and fatherhood”,… it’s time for that quality to develop and return to where it belongs,…

    1. Thanks, Georgie Ann. Yes, I pray God can once again use healthy, forgiven fatherhood to heal some of the wounds of our world. It breaks my heart how many children have been wounded by their fathers and how, in response to that, fatherhood is seen as a negative concept or reality. I don’t know if you read fiction but Leif Enger’s Peace Like a River is a fantastic story and a true and beautiful portrait of a father.

  2. Bruce Dawkins

    Eugene, thank you for stepping in at TNC Sunday. Thank you for being our Pastor, and spiritual guide. You have shown what a truly humble and good father is and can be.

    1. You’re welcome, Bruce. It was do fun being home at The Neighborhood Church. You guys are a fantastic congregation.

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