I am my worst enemy

Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Protection against My(Self) Enemies

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An old comic strip called Pogo illustrated a powerful truth. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” When I read the psalms the authors of these honest and powerful prayers often ask for protection, vindication, and victory against enemies. I struggle to relate to these prayers because I don’t have people chasing me with swords and trying to overthrow my kingdom. But I do pierce myself with loathing, shame, second-guessing, fear, and doubts. This Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Protection against My(Self) Enemies and those of us who need protection from that most insidious of enemies: ourselves.

Set me free from myself

God Who Sees the True Me

Deliver me from my foes;

Protect me from my enemies

Who have penetrated the gates.

Their unmistakable disguise disarmed me. 

Now I see I have taken up arms against myself

And attack myself from inside.

God of piercing patience:

My granite-like heart

Aches to be soothed.

Yet withstands your explosions of grace.

My hungry eyes

Forage for truth

Yet gaze beyond your face.

Break through my defenses.

My roiling mind

Questions your every word

Yet the thinnest ideas I embrace.

My grasping hands

Clutch trinkets and treasures  

Yet seize air leaving not a trace.

Defense against enemies

God of angel armies:

Rescue me from myself.

Break my heart then remake it whole.

Focus my eyes on honey for my soul.

Still my mind with your sweet voice.

Open my hands to receive your sacred choice.

Faulty defense

Reinforce my faulty defenses

With trust for you.

Cast beyond my walls my doubts and fears

 And second guessing.

Fortify my soul with your Spirit.

Arm me with your mighty love. 

Redeem my mistakes

With forgiveness like a river.

These things I ask of you in your mercy and compassion.


City of free hearts

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Protection against My(Self) Enemies”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    we are born into a “life” where we hear and experience many negative voices, internally and externally,… mixed-in with other types of thoughts, vibes, ideas, messages and communications,… what to believe?,… what not to believe?,… how to sort it all out?,… what things are copied?,… what things are original?,… what does it all mean?,…

    good questions,…

    education helps us sort through some things,… of course, “the Gospel” brings us awareness of the most significant differences that we will face,… God brings us Beauty, Truth and Love, to the forefront,… yes, I desire to be able to discern and choose God’s Beauty, Truth and Love in all things,… but “what happens?”,…

    just as “in the Garden”, there are sneaky “other voices” that seek to “weave themselves in” with our consciousness,… that whisper their cunning thoughts to us,…

    one of the happiest moments of my life occurred when I first truly realized that one of these “negative voices” was also truly “Not Me!”,… so much Joy came in that simple Revelation!,… and I still delight in sending these counterfeit thoughts “on down the road” and “away from me”!,…

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