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Sunday Psalm: An Honest Prayer Asking God for Forgiveness, Redemption, and Renewal

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Does our division as a world, country, and church stem from the fact that we are afraid to admit our wrongs? Does this desperate need to be right come from a deeper, unrecognized knowledge that if God were to pull back the veil in any given moment we would be found naked and ashamed? This hiddenness and blaming is what Adam and Eve tried as well. They pointed fingers and started the first ever Social Media fight. Our divisions go back to our very beginning. But they didn’t point to their own hearts, their own sin. Yet, this confession is the way of healing. An honest prayer asking God for forgiveness, redemption, and renewal is what will heal us as individuals and as a people.

Jesus is a bridge to renewal

God of Forgiveness:

We confess that you made us fearfully and wonderfully. You breathed life in us. You surround us with never ending love.

We are your beloved. And because you created us, there is no secret we can hide from you.

The sins we confess today that have darkened our hearts and minds you have already named and accounted for in Christ’s sacrifice.

Still we name our sins in your presence in order to expose our stoney hearts to your free flowing forgiveness. We admit we are not like you. We see your glorious world with eyes of scarcity. And we become fearful and selfish.

God of Merciful Justice:

We judge others based on appearance and color failing to believe in your remarkable creativity.

We withhold our gifts and presence even from our families.

We store away our time, treasure, and talent while those in need go hungry, unloved, and alone.

 We accuse you of wrongs we commit.

We depend on government and people for things only you can provide.

We look in the mirror and despise, distrust, and deny your image in us.

God of Redemption:

We close our eyes to your artwork in creation.

We cover ourselves in dark and run from the light.

We believe you are a vengeful, angry, distant God.

We repent. We turn away from our ways and turn to yours.

God renews us

God of Renewal:

Speak your forgiveness even to our deaf ears.

Soften our hardened hearts to you and those in need.

Mend our souls with your scarlet thread of redemption.

Open our eyes to your movements in our world.

We ask this and more by the power of your mercy.

Assurance of Pardon:

Jesus assures us of redemption

In 1 John 4:18 you tell us, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear,” because fear has to do with punishment.  But we too often stop reading there. You finish by assuring us “fear has to do with punishment” or judgement. We can go boldly before the throne of grace and boldy into life because the forgiveness of Jesus Christ sets aside our sin and punishment for those sins. God and sin no more.  

If you didn’t see last week’s prayer your can fin it here. Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Protection against My(Self) Enemiesand many have found this confession helpful. A Sunday Psalm of Confession of our Goodness and Brokenness

6 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: An Honest Prayer Asking God for Forgiveness, Redemption, and Renewal”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    pointing fingers and complaining, just doesn’t “get the job done”,… yes, we are dissatisfied about something ~ or a long list of “somethings”,… but turning it all over to God, no matter what, is the only way to find the best way “out of the problem (or problems)”,… each person needs to “turn to God”, humbly, and ask God to help them in their own personal circumstances, no matter what they are,… God knows us so much better than we know ourselves,… He knows our pains and sufferings, even better than we do,… we are safe with Him,… He can reveal so much to us, if we become willing to “listen to Him”,…

    I’m reminded of the song ~ “I’m gonna lay down my sword and shield, down by the riverside”,… etc,…

    1. Georgie Ann Kettig

      another song that has come to mind (a propos in these very contentious times) is ~ “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me,…”

      1. Georgie Ann Kettig

        something to think about ~ with respect to finger-pointing, accusations, and the general contentiousness of “our times”,… this trend has been going on for awhile, and I wonder if people really think that “things are getting better”, because of it,… speaking for myself, and without going into detail, I don’t really think so,… it looks like “war, anger and frustration”,… but it does look like the way “humans”, relying on their own devices, are inclined to try to “deal with things”,…

        so, by contrast, I wish to “paint another picture”,… returning to my first comment, placing our attention “outward”, and making the “object of my complaint” the focus of my quarreling and blaming energy, I, myself, become a presumed “self-righteous judge”,… and so does everyone else, who is approaching things the same way,… I think it should be kind of obvious that the early stages of this situation can lead to arguments, accusations, and “wars with words”, but as things continue, all these “self-righteous judges” may try to develop other “strong arm” tactics in order to (erroneously) “prove” their (presumed) “righteousness”,… um ~ “might makes right” doesn’t necessarily prove any such thing,… perhaps “you can’t get there from here” applies better,…

        so, even though it contradicts “human inclination”, each person humbly (getting off their self-righteous “high horse”) and turning, each one, to God does have the potential to radically change things,… does it mean that everyone will “get their way”?,… no, of course, it doesn’t,… but sincerely relinquishing our own attitudes, “feelings” and personal control to a trusted, loving God, should be a serious “game changer”,…

        they say, “God makes a way where there is no way”,… I can imagine many different ways that God could minister to, and nurture, a sincerely trusting soul who turned their “Life” over to God, and let Him lead and transform them,… I imagine “miracles of healing and deliverance”, remarkable “changes in attitudes”, and renewed visions of our individual and collective purposes in Life,… God can touch us in deep ways of inner knowledge and healing, that no one else could ever do,… He knows “the Beginning from the End”, and how to bring out “the best” in each one of us,… if ~ we let Him lead us,… what a “new” world, it could be!,…

        1. I got a little behind in replying. Sorry. You are spot on. Blame only releases the emotional tension in the one blaming. Temporarily. But it does nothing to solve or resolve the issue. Taking responsibility is a completely different action and emotion. That is what confession and repentance is made of.

          1. Georgie Ann Kettig

            and this is so much easier, if we trust the “wisdom of God” more than we trust ourselves (and our impulses), as simply “human players” in the “game of Life” ~ just “looking out for ourselves, me, mine, etc”,… God has “the long view” on the “conditions here on earth” (which can, obviously, be frustrating, and are also “time limited”),… and He also knows the abilities and attitudes that He would like to “grow” in us,… does He really want us to carry that “chip on our shoulder” forever?,… or does He have better things for us to be doing with the “life forces” that He has given us,… if we saw God as our best “Life Coach”, would that help us “change things”?,…

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