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Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for those Parched for God’s Overflowing Presence

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For most of my life I didn’t drink water the way the experts say you’re supposed to. In summer we drank from a hose now and then. In the house we stuck our lips under the faucet. Even today I have to force myself to drink from my ubiquitous water bottle. They say that’s why I had such a painful and difficult kidney stone in 2020. Many of us are much the same way with God. God’s provision pours endlessly into our lives. Yet we fail to drink of it. And the results of this God-drought is more costly and serious than a kidney stone. And the nourishment from drinking deep of God is beyond reckoning. Therefore, today’s prayer is for those parched for God’s overflowing presence.

Praise God for his presence

God Most High:

May my every breath speak your praise,

My heart beat a rhythm of your love,

My mind spark with the electricity of your truth.

Cram my life to overflowing with acclaim of you.

Timeless God:

You are alive forever, always present, ever speaking.

You spoke Adam and Eve to life;

Called Abraham, Sarah, Ruth, Boaz, Esther, and Habakkuk;

Walked with Mary, Peter, Thomas, Martha, Titus, and Junia;

Transformed generations untold from lost to found to this very day.

You’ve surrounded me with your people:

Mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, grandparents, 

Friends, pastors, children, and teachers

Whose life’s embers have lit mine.

God's overflowing presence

God Who Provides:

Your grace, mercy, justice, and truth

Are rivers flooding life after life even unto mine.

Bring those you’ve chosen to my forgetful mind.

In the runnels of my memories

Surface the names, smiles, and voices 

 Of those you used to irrigate my faith

So that I may praise you for them.

Blocking God's flow

God Who See Us:

Forgive my barricades against your breakers of provision.

Demolish my defenses;

Seep through the cracks;

Saturate my hard soil.

God's breakers of love

That my life, my voice, may become a tributary 

Of your torrent of healing salvation and just mercy.

No longer Parched for God

From my lips will pour beauty and awe,

From my hands will drip justice and hospitality,

From my heart will surge forgiveness and mercy,

From my life will cascade your Everlasting Life.

That those parched for God’s overflowing presence

May drink with me of your goodness.


Waves of God's Provision

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