Praying for Courage and Strength

Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Courage to Season Your Life

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Courage is not the absence of fear. We’ve all heard this. It’s easy to define things by what they are not. More difficult is defining in the positive, by what it is. More so with courage. What if courage is not so much a stand alone trait to be defined but a seasoning God adds to other traits that then defines our lives? With that idea in mind this Sunday’s Psalm is a prayer for courage to season all of your life.

Courage is a seasoning

Mighty God:

Of all the gifts you bestow,

All that pours from your generous hand,

Courage seasons life

With flavors untold.

Therefore, we pray for courage that

Gilds humility;

Tarnishes pride;

Paints a smile

To an enemy;

Closes distance 

With a friend;

Praying for courage on the beach

Gentle God:

We pray for courage that

Bestows honor

On the child-like;

Receives a kiss


Binds wounds;

Accepts forgiveness;

We pray for courage that

Loves the least,

Including myself;

Sees the unseen;

Permits doubt;

Shouts trust;

Demands justice;

Allows forgiveness;

Walking with courage

We pray for courage that

Challenges apathy;

Adorns the day

No matter how dark;

Sets the table;

Invites the unexpected; 

Exhales hope;

Inhales redemption; 

Limps beside the tired;

Glistens in the distance.

Courage in the distance

Gentle and Mighty God:

Courage lines Your face.

Teach us how to infuse

Our very souls

With this heavenly spice.

Filled with courage

You will also be encouraged by my most read blog How Philip Yancey’s Powerful Memoir, “Where the Light Fell,” Can Give you Honest Hope. It is filled with small acts of courage. Also Sunday Psalm: Hope in the Storms of Life will be helpful.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: A Prayer for Courage to Season Your Life”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    very nice!,… I think that “knowing/believing that the Truth will set us free” is linked to having courage,…

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