Sunrise in aspens elicits praise for God

A Sunday Psalm of Praise to God Who Gives us Life

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Praise God for relationships

This past week I was hunting in the Rockies. Time after time as I hiked the woods, I found myself caught breathless and amazed by the glory of the beauty around me. With every step morning light refracted from a new angle through the trees and leaves gold and green, soft like a whisper. The scent of moist soil and crisp clean air wafted on the breeze. The movements of my hunting partner were comforting and familiar like hearing a favorite song. Each of these gifts and more prompted praise. Maybe that’s why praise is such a healing thing to do. It’s a natural, guttural response to God, a verbal smile. Join me in A Sunday Psalm to God who Gives us Life.

Life giving God: 

We bow before you. From the alabaster jar of our lives, we pour out praise. The sun and stars shine with your light. Every new day begins because of your constant love for us. Mountains rise but only to a fraction of your might. The seas roll and thunder echoing your voice. Every beautiful thing, from a flitting humming bird to an eagle in flight obeys your rhythm of life.

God gives us life each day

We praise you God:

Even as you hold solar systems, the very universe in your arms, there is no thought or concern of ours that escapes your care. In the Incarnate Son you joined us in the grit and grind of life. You walked our roads, faced our fears, felt our hungers and needs. And in the end, or was it the beginning, you turned death—our worst enemy—into life. By spreading your arms on the cross you opened wide your heart and kingdom for us to join you in.

Hungry for life

We praise you Immanuel:

Continue to walk beside us this day. Speak to us in our need and hurt. Heal our world of disease, hunger, injustice and greed. Subdue unrighteous leaders and businesses. Conform them to your will. Guide governments. Give courage to your people to follow you and face opposition. Bring those who don’t know you into your loving grasp. Let the name of Jesus resound from our lips and ring out not for politics or party or personal preferences but for the salvation of humanity, your beloved creation.


God walks with us unseen

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  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    very much “yes, Lord!,… please help us in these many ways ~ we really need your tangible grace and aid, … and thank you, Lord!,… amen”,…

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