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Advent Psalm: A Song of True Love

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I intended to post this on the first Sunday of Advent. That day was when many people lit the Love Candle on their Advent wreaths. Each Sunday [sic] I will write a psalm around that Sunday’s advent word (Love, Peace, Joy, and Hope) and I will write a blog midweek on that word as well. Forgive my lateness. Here is an Advent Psalm: A Song of True Love.

Playing love songs

I read where there may be more than 100 million loves songs floating around our world. Do you have a favorite? This colossal number accentuates two things about us. We need love as much as the air we breath. We want to be immersed in love. And are. But much of there love we hear about is powerless. It’s often mere human abstraction. Yet we need love powered by God’s action.

Love song and communion

God who sings love:

Love is no tune hummed by stars,

Never reaching our straining ears,

Leaving stilled strings in our hearts,

Nor rendering tenor to our tears.

Love is never a speechless stone,

Forever unmoved and unfeeling,

By Sforzando* shouldered alone,

Fissured only by eons passing.

Love untrue fills our atmosphere.

Leaves us voiceless as an echo.

God of love:

Love written in nature

Love true, God, is you and alive.

Who whispered the star-song down

Through the Incarnate baby’s cry,

His carol redeems mournful sound.

Love true forms us from clanging gong

And solo riffs, off-key and glum,

To notes in your re-Creation song

A clear chorus of hope will come.

Your True Love charges our every lung,

Incarnate Lovesong in our chants,

Making worthful the lowest one,

Providing rhythm for the dance.

Singing God's Love

God of the song:

Tune our hearts to your breath’s melody.

Conduct us with Love’s vital pulse.

Together in Love

*Sforzando (sfz): musical term: loud sudden attack

The first blog discussing Advent words is Words Wield the Power to Create and Destroy our Lives.

4 thoughts on “Advent Psalm: A Song of True Love”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    as I contemplated about my own life’s “journey” of “experiencing love”, I would say that, looking back, my first memorable tastes were of the warmth, comfort, acceptedness and security, of being in a family,… I do understand that that was a blessing, but it felt very “natural and unfeigned”,… “love” was “a cozy nest”!,…

    as one grows older and is in contact with “more of the world’s complexity, chaos and confusion”, more so as a vulnerable “independent”, do we seek out the things that remind us of those more predictable and close-knit times?,… it seems that some do, and some don’t,… but surely, we get a taste of the immensity and awesomeness of the world that God has created,… and “wonder”,… wonder including: “what am I doing here”?,… “who made all this”?,… “and what is it’s meaning”?,… “am I alone”?,… “what am I feeling under a vast starlight night sky”?,… etc, etc,… love can be “awe-struck” and wonders,…

    yes, we hear the “human love songs”,… and some of us have been “hearing about God,” in various ways,… we may be “excited and have hope”,… we may experience disappointments,… but we find that we need to “keep on, keeping on”,… love perseveres,…

    our “accumulated awareness” will contain many “hard to process realities and sad truths”,… frustration may grow,… questions multiply,… the best response to all this “stuff”, that we now see as inevitable, is to “dig deeper” to find better explanations and answers,… consulting God in greater seriousness, can lead our perception inward (to mind and heart), balancing the “outer effects” of the “overwhelm of life”,… love digs deeper,…

    once on this path, we find that these are “studies and issues” for a lifetime,… we begin to realize that we are on a “search for buried treasures”,… we begin to understand its value,… and that each day reveals the potential for greater and greater connection and understanding,… love is patient and grows more steady and focused,…

    the “general outer circumstances” in the changing world around us, may be helpful in blessing our path and search for connection with God and His Will and His Ways,… during “a revival” it seems that many can be reached and touched and blessed by God’s Love and Power, seemingly made more obvious,… love prays for “revival”,…

    at other times, the “world” seems to be determinedly “at war with itself”,… frustrations seems unending,… interceding for God’s help, on our behalf, love hopes and reaches out,…

    those who have found and who follow these “ways”, are less disturbed by the “changing variables” outside us,… are more secure, and help encourage and protect those “under their wings”,… love is “a steadying anchor”,…

    we learn that “love goes on forever”,… “love never dies”,… “life is love, the gift of God”,… “God is love”,…

    Matthew 7:7-9
    7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. 9 Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?”

    1. The world is at war with itself. And too often we are the casualties. Lord, have mercy. But God is love and intervenes and heals.

  2. Brooks Buckwalter

    I love your choice of words, Eugene, and the metaphors you used to make God’s love so real.

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