A Christmas Psalm: May the Love, Peace, Joy, and Hope of Christ Abide in Us

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Merry Christmas! 

During Advent many have lit candles that symbolize love, peace, joy, and hope. Those are common words we use daily, often without knowing their true meaning. Finally we light the Christ Candle. This candle reminds us Christ is the One who gives each of those common words their uncommon meaning. Jesus defines love, peace, joy, and hope. Jesus is love, peace, joy, and hope. More than that, it is Christ who gives us the ability to love, live in peace, dance with joy, and wait in hope. May they abide in us.

God Incarnate came as a babe. Jesus is present now and every day. But we also wait and hope and pray for Jesus’ second coming as ruler of the universe. So even as Christmas arrives, we continue to wait.

Advent words

Light of the world:

Christmas music steeps the air.

Colored lights unending dance.

Bright dreams brim from night to day.

Parties and feasts, wishes and gifts

Cram our Advent calendars.

But our hearts yet yearn

For the love, peace, hope, and joy

This whirl of activity promises.

God of Christmas:

We’ve sung sacred songs,

Lit consecrated candles,

Read Scripture holy,

Joined hands in prayer,

Waited for the promised day.

Still our hearts yearn.

So many go without,

Love, peace, hope, and joy

Many have not heard,

How close you’ve come,

How strong is your love.

Lord Jesus:

The love, peace, hope, and joy

The Scriptures prophesied,

The lit candles promised,

The songs pledged,

The prayers pleaded for

Remain beyond our grasp.

Like snowflakes our love, peace, hope, and joy

Sparkle and shine but melt in the heat of our 

Desperate, imperfect, and bent lives.


You are the one who gives those truths substance.

You are love, peace, hope, and joy.

As we celebrate your birth, your Eternal Life among us,

Bring love, peace, hope, and joy alive

To dwell in us through the power of your Spirit. 


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  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    amen ~ and surely wishing a very “Blessed Christmas” to all ! ,… (-:

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