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Sunday Psalm: Creator God: Sing New Light into our Hearts

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In the beginning 

Beauty sprang forth.

Born from your Voice.

“Light,” You sang.

And light tore open the dark,

Crowding every crevice of nothingness

With life. 

Light in tree

In the vault of darkness

Light glistened on

The waters.

Light spangled the sky.

And gave movement to time.

And meaning to days.

And flickered in the eyes of fish. 

And deer and fox and creatures 

We cannot name.

Fish with God's light

God of Burning flame:

And Your light burned in the

Hearts of men and women.

And ignited our own words

Of love,

And poetry,

And creation,

And clouds dreamlike.

Light in fall leaves

And each of your creatures and 

Creation carried and reflected 

Your light like a thousand watt torch,

Keeping darkness at bay

And in its place 

Of bowing down to Your


Giving You reflective praise.

Darkness slips through

But darkness slipped through 

A crack in the human heart. 

And shadows crept into the waves, 

And forests,

And our faces.

Where even light is used to kill!

As darkness grows,

Black and white sunrise

O God of Light,

We repent,

Turning back to Your light.

Speak again beauty, life,

Words of forgiveness and transformation.

Create in us, O God, new light.

Fill our hearts, 

And minds,

And hands,

And world,

With Your light anew that

We can push this darkness

Back into its rightful place

Of obedience to Your light.

Guatemalan Girl

11 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Creator God: Sing New Light into our Hearts”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    beautiful,… and timely!,… thank you!,… I hope you are feeling well!,… I’ve been “thinking of you” lately, so I’m very glad that you posted!,… is the lovely girl your granddaughter?,… God Bless, Best Wishes, and much love, g (-:

    1. Thank you, dear friend. I am having a good few weeks and I’m hopeful God will continue them. No, the picture was from a trip to Guatemala. God bless you as well. Eugene

      1. Georgie Ann Kettig

        the photos “of light” (and darkness) are exquisite!,… & glad you are feeling well!,… (-:

  2. Cyndie Andrews

    Thank you for the blessing of your words and photos. They touched my heart.
    I’m praising God that you’re feeling better!!!!

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