Thanksgiving Psalm: Standing Boldly Before God’s Throne of Grace

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I have Frederick Buechner to thank for the use of Thee, Thy, and Thou in this prayer. In his collection of sermons Hungering in the Dark he used these in his written prayers and it seemed  to me to keep the prayer personal but also elevate it as if we truly are “boldly approaching the throne of grace.” May this Thanksgiving Psalm stand you boldly before God’s throne of grace.  

Therefore, I’ve adopted that ancient King James for this Thanksgiving prayer. I hope it moves you closer to God. 

Den ver Botanical Gardens painted in light

God who is all and all:

I praise Thee for Thy light blazing in my darkness.

Forgive me for preferring and scurrying into the shadows.

I thank Thee for filling my empty hands and heart with rich earth and unfathomable eternity.

Forgive me my clenched hands and stone-like heart.

I praise Thee for Thy relentless voice trumpeting in the Psalms, whispering in birdsong, murmuring in the crackle of fallen leaves, confounding in normal conversation, and even speaking in silence.

Forgive me for listening to the thrum of my own voice and the babel of media.

I thank Thee for Thy song of joy in the sunrise and shalom in the sunset.

Forgive how often my eyes are closed or distracted.

I praise Thee for Thy presence in people, family, friends, beautiful and strange, close and far.

Forgive me for rendering judgement rather than mercy and grace.

I thank Thee for the perfect notes of hope and community when I worship with Thy imperfect people.

Forgive me for forsaking gathering in Thy Son’s name.

I praise Thee for my spouse and children and grandchildren. They are living containers of your love and grace.

Forgive me for my nonchalance toward them. My ignorance of them. My taking them for granted.

I thank Thee for the pain and hurt because out of it will spring Thy redemption and Thy healing.

Forgive me for my many delusions, denial, and evasion of the dark side of life.

I praise Thee for the words Thou gives me to slip under the locked doors of many who need courage and hope.

Forgive me for my words that don’t reflect Thee and instead of healing hurt.

I thank Thee for the ache for justice that floods my soul when I see pain and poverty and prejudice.

Forgive me for hiding in my privilege, for justifying myself, for fearing the change my repentance calls for.

I praise Thee for Thy grace, always undeserved but always available, given like a crushing, thundering fall of water.

Forgive me for slaking my thirst every where but from Thy outpouring love.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen. 

Slow down for Thanksgiving

I am thankful for each of you in my blog community. You are one of the main reasons I write. And your feedback and comments and prayers are immensely encouraging.

Also, thank you for your prayers and concern over my health. I have now had a little over two months of minimal long COVID symptoms. I feel stronger than I have in over a year. Too bad I’ve had Shingles for almost two months as well. The nerve pain from that is subsiding slowly. Can’t win for loosin’ someone said.

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Psalm: Standing Boldly Before God’s Throne of Grace”

  1. Denise Lansing

    Thank you, Eugene! My heart needed this prayer this morning.

  2. Lynne A Huskey

    Thanks and blessings back to you, Eugene — and Dee Dee too!

  3. Georgie Ann Kettig

    Thanksgiving Blessings to “you & yours”, “one & all”,… thanks for the thoughtful efforts & inspiration!,… & “God Bless us everyone” (CharlesDickens, Tiny Tim Crachit)!,… (-:

  4. Julie Ribelin

    Praise God that your Long Covid is lessening! God, please heal Eugene from the shingles!
    Thank you, God, for his writing and keen mind that he uses well during his recovery.
    Please bless him and his family with your everlasting care and love!

  5. Bruce Dawkins

    A good time to not only be thankful, but also humble.

  6. Guikema Debbie

    Glad you are experiencing some healing. I do know what this is like and for me it keeps me close to my Savior. Also the Thanksgiving prayer was so perfectly expressed and hit some major (just name it) sin in my life. I will be printing it out. Thanks Eugene.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Yes, these health issues have made me grip Jesus’ hand tighter. I’m praying your health improves as well. And I’m grateful God used the prayer. Take care. Eugene

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