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Sunday Psalm: Let a Baby’s Cry Rend Our Hearts

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Rend is a word of power. It pictures not a small tear or rip but a lightning bolt scar across the sky. It is a call for decisive, violent action. To rend reflects our belief that only massive power, presidents, castles, kings, tanks, and missiles can solve the war, injustice, and discord of our day. The great prophet of God, Isaiah, believed the same and cried out to the God of Angel Armies. God answered us and Isaiah in an entirely unexpected way. God answered our prayers with a baby’s cry and by rending our hearts.

Castle Protection

God of Angel Armies:

Your servant Isaiah lived in times of oppression, power-blind governments,

unrighteous religious leaders, and poverty for the least. 

In desperation Isaiah cried out for you to rend the heavens

and come down and shake mountains with your presence. Make nations quake.

God of Angel Armies:

We too cry out these thousands years later, 

though our personal struggles may not match those of people in Isaiah’s times 

or even those of our neighbors.

Come with fire and sword.

Vanquish our enemies. 

Blast evil from the tree of life like a leaf in the wind.

Rend our world with your mighty truth.

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Almighty God:

These are our anguished prayers you answered in your own way:

For we did not look for you to rend the heavens with a naked baby’s cry;

Nor to shake mountains and governments and hearts with one meek God-in-flesh-life;

For you to redeem all through Immanuel sent to die.

Your Spirit remains comforting our every sigh.

Christmas Lights

God of Peace and Life:

This Christmas time

Rend not the heavens but our hearts.

Draw us back to you.

Shake our complacency and disbelief.

Bring peace in more than a song.

Make Jesus’ name known.

Light a fire in us that burns brighter

than every Christmas light on every tree.

From Isaiah 64 and Joel 2

Feet of a Baby

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Let a Baby’s Cry Rend Our Hearts”

  1. Georgie Ann Kettig

    interesting that some seem to need “thunder”, but that others will hear and heed “a whisper”,… Lord God, you are the master of “whatever it takes”, and I trust in you,… I look forward to the time foretold, when “the Lion will lie down with the Lamb”,… when “Peace” will be a fruit both appreciated and desired ~ and attained,… but those who are blinded and endlessly zealous, chasing after “self-willed fruits that are perishable” rather than “eternal”, will need re-directing,… I feel that “my” Love towards them, is rebuffed by their own self-defining willfulness,… perhaps it is Your Overcoming Love that is needed to treat and diffuse these persistent infections among us,… I do believe that one day, we will live in “Love, Peace and Joy”,… and it will be thanks to Your Love, bringing us this Peace,… and Joy will be the blessed result and fruit!,… thank you, Lord, & Glory to You, Lord!,… amen,…

  2. “God of Angel Armies” is a beautiful, more meaningful rendition of “Lord of Hosts.” Thanks.
    Merry Christmas

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