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Sunday Psalm: Standing Boldly Before the Throne of Grace

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Sometimes my faith, spiritual life, feels like a noun instead of a verb. It’s passive, not active. Therefore I see God as passive. And my conversations, prayers, with God are passive, tentative. “Just be with me,” I beg. Jesus’ parable about the woman besieging the unjust judge tells us a different story. Be bold! Today’s Sunday Psalm then is a bold prayer filled with verbs asking for our basic needs. Let us come boldly before the throne of grace.

Beach scene inhabiting the day in Seaside, FL

Walk with me, Christ

Steady my faltering steps.

Grant me grace, Redeemer

That I may live from your heart.

Hold me close, Lord

Until fear loses her voice.

Fill me, Holy Spirit

Leave no room for unbelief.

Comfort me, God

That I may live in peace.

Forgive me, Father

For my god-sized ego.

Reflection in Creation

Renew me Jesus

Until I see your image in my mirror.

Heal me, Spirit

Body, mind, and soul.

Love me, Lord

And make me whole.

Boldly taking flight

12 thoughts on “Sunday Psalm: Standing Boldly Before the Throne of Grace”

  1. Dee Dee Scott

    I love the simplicity of each stanza that brings such deep and intricate truth of who God is and how much we need his grace in our lives.

  2. Asking forgiveness for my god-sized ego and the request for renewal until Jesus’ image is formed in me struck me the most.

    1. Sometimes I’m at a loss for what traditional sins to seek forgiveness over. Then God calls me to bigger and harder subjects, like my ego.

  3. Eugene – This was is a wonderful poem on grace. I don’t know how many messages I have shared on
    grace, but there have been many. Grace – the most important element of our Christian faith. Thank you for this!

  4. I am always moved by your thoughts and your verse! Too often, I have not stopped to express my gratitude. So thank you for your unending encouragement.

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