Humans are “wired for story” and that facts alone can be bare as a bone, giving us information but not wisdom or insight. We learn best when the bones of a message are wrapped in the flesh of real human stories. Therefore, Eugene specializes in story-based teaching and speaking. He has been speaking with and to crowds of all sizes for four decades. Eugene regularly leads retreats and speaks at events and in churches. He is passionate about creating dialogue and connections with his audience. He also taught speech classes at Colorado Mountain College and has mentored many young pastors in sermon preparation and delivery.

Eugene's most-requested topics:

How to manage fear and anxiety

Whole Marriage: How to Connect with Your Mate

Finding and Telling the Truth in Fiction

How to Tell your Story

How to Find God in your Story

How to Interpret Your Story

Other popular topics

Career and Life Planning

A Practical Method for Discovering Your Gifts and Talents

Creating creativity in yourself

The Life and Faith of C. S. Lewis

How to Raise Your Parents

Developing Spiritual Friendships

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