Hi. I’m Eugene.

Once upon a time I dreamed of building a teepee in the wilderness and living off the land—or raiding settlers—whichever was less work. But God, whom I knew from my uncle mostly as a cuss word, had another idea. Plus my oldest sister claimed I could never survive alone.

She was right. My dream came true, sort of, when I lived in a sheepherder’s wagon called The Lunchbox on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies. The dream of being a faux Native American wasn’t me, so it didn’t last. Plus I went broke and my cooking was terrible!

Several false starts later I began to recognize God as the Artist who designed me. Once I did, I noticed a thread that showed up in all my endeavors. God created me a better listener and story-teller than a carpenter, sailor, firefighter, miner, paint store clerk, newspaper boy, UPS box sorter, Starbucks barista, and more.

In all of these roles the most consistent thing I’ve been is someone walking shoulder-to-shoulder with others offering conversation, counsel, creativity, and compassion as God transformed us along the way.

Mining my story, I found the vein of who I truly am and what God originally designed me to do: be a writer, pastor, coach, and counselor. This has lasted longer than my stint in The Lunchbox. 40 years!

Our stories bear the ore we need to build our lives. What you can expect to find here, through my blog, other writings, my coaching, or speaking, are narratives mixed with tools and tactics to help you mine your own story and encouragement to explore and discover the sacred God has salted in the soil of your life.

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The Rest of the Story

I live in Colorado, my native state. In a house. I still love the wilderness. I am an avid, though not always successful, hunter and fisherman. I also snowshoe, camp, and hang out in aspen groves. I seldom go on any of these of ventures without my family, friends, and my camera and journal.

My wife of 40 plus years, Dee Dee, a.k.a. The Redheaded-Wildflower, also loves the mountains. We have embarked on a journey to hike the 486 mile Colorado Trail, along with our English Springer Spaniel, Sir Winston. Most of the CT is above 10,000ft. It will take a few years. I’ll keep you posted.

We have three fine and creative adult children and five inspiring, fast moving grandchildren between the ages of twelve and two.

Professional Life

I’m a pastor at Saint James Presbyterian Church in Littleton, CO.

In 2011 I founded and served as Executive Director of Aspen Grove Church Planting Network.

I serve on the board of Aspen Grove Church Planting Network, which develops and guides church planting in the west. I also serve on the board of the Ember Collective, a group of individuals connected by a desire to express the heart of Christ in the places we find ourselves.

In my thirty-eight years of ministry, I’ve pastored churches and two para-church ministries. I’ve spoken on retreats and events and counseled and coached thousands of fellow travelers.

I served as adjunct faculty at Denver Seminary and Colorado Mountain College.

I earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, a Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary, and a Doctoral degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

My dissertation covers “Reclaiming Narrative as a Vehicle for Telling Truth.”

Unless noted, all photographs are mine. As are the opinions and ideas here.

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