Eugene has been coaching pastors and leaders for thirty years. He specializes in listening to his clients’ stories for the hints as to how God and life is shaping them through those big transformations. His system is to help you pick out times that shaped you and then name them, heal them (if needed), and move into the future God has for you.

C.S. Lewis stated that if you wanted a horse to fly you would not teach it how to jump higher but give it wings. Likewise, Eugene believes that the long-lasting changes give us the ability to manage the transactions of life not the other way around. Eugene’s coaching strategy is transformational rather than transactional.

He’s not a top-down coach but a side-by-side partner in growth. “I often learn from my clients as they are learning from me,”  he says. Eugene considers his coaching directed spiritual friendship.

Eugene has extensive leadership experience. He served as Executive Pastor for two churches and has planted one and served on the team for two others. He also has redeveloped one church and served eight churches as pastor. He started a non-profit, taught in the mentoring department at Denver Seminary, and has been a coach for several national agencies. He has taught college-level speech programs. 


Phil Rice

Eugene is an incredible coach. He has helped me and my wife navigate so many nuanced aspects of our marriage, family life, and individual journeys. We’re grateful for his thoughtful perspective.

Mark G.

Eugene has been a pastor and mentor to me for nearly 30 years. As a church planter, I knew I needed someone that knew me and could help me navigate the journey of planting a church. He has not only helped me in the finer aspects of church planting, but also in helping me stay emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. He has always reminded me of God's love for me in Jesus; I am grateful for his companionship in this journey.

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