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Looking for the God-created soul in life.

Finding God’s Grace in an Aspen Grove

  Above me aspens climb the sky Knobbly fingers intertwine Creating a lattice of quivering lace Painting yellow hue on cobalt face Heart-shaped leaves collect the sun Phosphorescence of the One Throwing sparks of gentle light Scattering dreams, kites in flight...

Finding and Forgiving Dad

Finding and Forgiving Dad

And through my grief, once God cracked open the vault, I learned how to reinterpret my life story. Through the loss of my dad, I found my Father. And through becoming the father of my children, I found my dad.

A Twist on Tolkien: All Who Are Lost Wander

Of all the dogs I’ve owned, I loved the one I lost most. She was a black and white Springer Spaniel we named Sasson, Hebrew for joy. I know, I know. We were young and so spiritual and didn’t have kids yet. We bought her in our first year of marriage. Dee Dee chose...

Hitler, Mother Teresa, and Me

I have this recurring day dream where I’ve died and gone to heaven.  I’m standing in line, in the clouds, though the footing is firm enough. My hands are sweaty. My heart is playing the kettle drum. I see the gates gleaming.* A line of people stretches out behind me...

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