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Bugle Last Rites page 1My epithet in my ninth grade year book could have read: “Most likely to die of angst.”

Until a good friend told me, “You sound just like Cat Stevens.”

Wow! Suddenly I began singing constantly, “Ooh, baby, baby it’s a wild world,” and “Where do the children play,” reaching into my toes for Cat’s resonating bass notes but only managing a carbonated adolescent croak.

A month or so later the same friend asked—with more than a drip of ninth-grade-girl-disdain, “Why are you singing all the time?”

The words to “The first cut is the deepest” died in my gaping mouth.

“You told me I sound just like Cat Stevens.”

Her laugh sounded like my dreams breaking. “Not your singing voice, silly. Your speaking voice.”

Gullible me.


Fortunately, like my acne, my angst and my identity crisis eventually cleared up. Though all three left scars. I didn’t become the next Cat Stevens. Or even Bob Dylan, though we may have similar singing voices. But I did discover my voice. My friend was a prophet unaware. After I became a writer, public speaker, pastor, conversationalist, and counselor, the above story rumbled back into my memory and I realized everything I am has to do with voice, but in a completely different way than ninth grade me expected.

Nice story, Eugene but—

But—there is no life without story, and no life without a story. God sews meaning into our lives with intricate narrative threads. Threads that show us the richness and purpose of our daily, sometimes mundane, often misinterpreted existence. If we are looking, paying attention! This blog is about life explored through narrative forms, true, fanciful, poetic, pictorial. A place to pay attention, to listen to our life stories. To see that no story is just a story. If that interests you, sign up for our twice monthly email, then grab a cup of coffee—or lesser beverage of your choice—and dig in.