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I’ve scribbled, dreamed, and written words into stories since I was very young. After my father passed away when I was eleven, I took solace in stories. The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter in particular guided me. Its character True Son joined me on my long road to healing. Through him, I learned new ways to think and feel.

Stories can do that to you! Because of that novel and a myriad more, I too yearned to help people heal and grow through my writing. To tell stories and set out ideas that accompany my readers on their long journeys in life is one of life’s greatest honors.

I am currently working on a book titled Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws: A Journey through Fear to Faith as well as a novel titled Unlocking Eden’s Gate.

In a world marked by distance and disconnection, Eugene’s friends and followers scattered over the globe call him pastor. Here are what a few have said about his blog:

“The candor, clarity and levity with which you talk about faith are refreshing and an invitation to explore new dimensions of God’s character and interactions with us.” ~Tom

“What a beautiful writing. Thank you. Your vulnerability, insights and wisdom are soothing, inspiring and thought provoking. The world needs messages of love and addressing the challenges we face.” ~Cherryll

 My poetry, stories, and essays have been featured in

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Consider the Aspens

Above me aspens climb the sky
Knobbly fingers intertwine
Creating a lattice of quivering lace
Painting yellow hue on cobalt face

Heart-shaped leaves collect the sun
Phosphorescence of the One
Throwing sparks of gentle light
Scattering dreams, kites in flight

Golden coins dance the swirling wind
Carefree, despite facing certain end
Laughing, landing done with toil
Surrendering to fertile soil

Leafless trunks now sway together
Dark eyes watchful of foul weather
Raising branches in hope bare
Regenerating for another year

Round me boles slant pale and stark
Picturesque, powdered bark
Touching their smooth, tender skin
Gaining God’s grace once again

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